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My name is Shari, and I am married to my wonderful husband, Ryan. We have 8 children, ages 4 to 18. I would like to share a few of the many things Neo Life has done for my family, and why we are now Neo Life”ers.”

In 2009, I was taking what I thought was a quality vitamin shake product. My husband, who has been a type 1 diabetic since his early teens, was having some health problems which included low energy as well as poor blood sugar control, and he was not taking the vitamin shake with me.


Now I was no stranger to health food supplements; I “lived” in health food stores, buying anything I heard on radio programs that might help my husband.  I was on a first-name basis with the manager of a popular store -- the owner of which had a radio program I listened to -- and I probably had spent a thousand dollars there with very little results.

In November 2009, I happened to be at a friend’s house and, out of desperation to help my husband feel better, I asked her what it was she was taking and if she had any I could buy from her.  Gina gave me Formula IV Plus and I went home with renewed hope for helping Ryan.  My hope was soon crushed when he didn’t want to take it until he got his blood sugar under control and the doctors figured out some of his other issues.   Shortly after this, I ran out of my vitamin shake and couldn’t afford to purchase more so I decided to take the Formula IV.  Little did I know this would change our lives forever!

Neo Life has done so many things for our family such as giving my body what it needed to nurse my babies longer than I ever had before, get my son over very bad pneumonia in less than a week (which his doctor verified), helped me reduce my use of Motrin and prescription pain killers to a rare flare up from my long term back issues, and more than I could ever list here. What I am most grateful for is what Neo Life has done for my husband.

Ryan’s health was deteriorating, which is what lead me to ask Gina for help.  It seemed he couldn’t digest much, he had sulfur burps that could clear a room, constant bloating, at some points he was in so much pain he would have to purge to give his stomach relief, along with out- of-control blood sugar, and the list goes on.  He looked terrible and there was nothing I could do to help him.  The doctors had no idea what was going on.  They suspected possible cancer of the intestines or colon.  After he had his colonoscopy in April 2010, Ryan finally agreed to take whatever I wanted him to take.

The colonoscopy revealed very little, so we were no more knowledgeable than before as to what was wrong.  Again, with Gina’s help, we started Ryan on a regimen of supplements and his health started improving. His digestion started getting better and the sulfur smells slowly left.  Later that winter, we sought out a chiropractor who practiced alternative medicine. I was not able to accompany Ryan, and the doctor switched him to a different acidophilus which had less bacteria than Neo Life’s.  Within a couple days, Ryan was back to the sulfur burps and not digesting properly. It was the worst we had ever seen him!  He stopped those, went back to the Neo Life, and within a few days was getting better again.

In 2013, Ryan developed diabetic retinopathy in which his eyes would hemorrhage and block his vision.  He had to see a specialist every couple months to have these hemorrhages cauterized.  The fear of him losing his vision was upon us.  Thanks to a couple targeted Neo Life supplements, his hemorrhages have been kept at bay. However, if he misses a couple of days they will come right back.

Neo Life saved my husband’s vision and his quality of life -- if not his life entirely!  We are so thankful for our dear friends Tony and Gina for introducing us to Neo Life.   Without this company our lives would be very different!

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